Call Vote Results

The results of the vote to call The Rev. Patrick W. Poole (Pastor Wes) to the yoked parish of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and Holy Trinity Lutheran Church are in –

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Wilkes Barre:

41 total votes – 29 yes, 12 no – 70.73% yes

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Kingston

33 total votes – 33 yes, 0 no – `100% yes

Since both churches have voted with a positive 2/3 majority a call is now issued to Pastor Wes to serve as pastor of the yoked parish. Pastor Wes has indicated he will be accepting the call.

As a yoked parish both Good Shepherd and Holy Trinity will continue as individual congregations but yoked together to share one pastor. In the future we hope to look toward sharing some ministries that fulfill the mission of both congregations and help build the Lutheran faith in our community.

Daren Bernecker
Congregation President
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church