The Red Team Wins

The results are in from Good Shepherd’s Youth Souper Bowl collection and the red team pot (neutral) wins. The total raised for Meals on Wheels is $186.75. There were also 82 food items collected for the CEO Weinberg Food Bank.

Three pots were available for donations, one for each team playing in the Super Bowl, plus a pot labeled “The Red Team” for those who could not decide which team they wanted to win.

The donations in each pot were:
$92.00 “Red Team” (Neutral)
$76.51 Chiefs
$18.24 49ers

Thank you to everyone for your support to tackle hunger.

If you missed donating cash or food items we will still be collecting next Sunday. Simply put cash donations in a green envelope marked “souper bowl” or send donations to the church office. The box for food items will still be in the narthex for donations next week.