Help Needed

Good Shepherd needs volunteers to assist with sexton duties while we are without a sexton.Please call the church office at (570) 824-2991 and leave a message if you are able to help with any of the following tasks. Help is appreciated even if you can help with just one of these tasks.

InsNide Tasks needed:

    Dusting in the church sanctuary and balcony
    Dusting in the fellowship room
    Cleaning glass doors and windows
    Vacuuming and dry mopping the floors of the Good Shepherd Center
    Dusting in the Good Shepherd Center
    Emptying waste receptacles in the church and Good Shepherd Center
    Cleaning church offices
    Cleaning restrooms (needed three times each week)
    Cleaning blinds

Outside Tasks needed:

    Sweep sidewalks
    Clean up leaves from sidewalks and grass areas
    Pick up litter
    Clear snow and ice from sidewalks and steps when needed

If you know of anyone interested in working part time as a church sexton or secretary please contact Brooke Yeager or leave a message at the church office.