Easter Lilies

Thanks to all who have provided Easter Lilies to enhance our worship.

Easter lilies are given to the glory of God in memory of:

  • Frederick and loved ones by family
  • George by Georgette and family
  • Charlotte and Clayton by Georgette and family
  • Joanna and Samuel by Georgette and family
  • Nancy by Helen
  • Carol and David by Helen
  • Charles and Edith by Helen
  • Janet by Sandra and Leah
  • George, Dorothy, and Janice by Doris and Barry
  • John, Louise, Charles, Bev, and John P. by Sheldon and Mary Ann
  • Sheldon, Sarah, Sandra, Mart, Clo and George by Sheldon and Mary Ann
  • Charles, Rose, Christine, and Dorothy by Sheldon and Mary Ann
  • Amy by Wilma, Gary, and Matthew
  • Catherine by Ray
  • Tobias by Ray
  • David by Evelyn
  • Robert and Sandra by Evelyn
  • Caroline R. by Brooke and Libby
  • Roger P., Sr. by Brooke and Libby
  • W. Brooke by Brooke and Libby
  • Jane D. by Brooke and Libby
  • Doug by Brooke and Libby
  • Rip by Brooke and Libby

Easter lilies are given to the glory of God in honor of:

  • Good Shepherd Lutheran Church congregation by Sheldon and Mary Ann
  • Children and grandchildren by Evelyn
  • Maisy, Maggie and Marti by Brooke and Libby
  • Viktoria, Ana and Charlye by Brooke and Libby
  • Jayson, Zarek and Codie by Brooke and Libby
  • Leaders of Good Shepherd by Brooke and Libby

Last names have been been omitted on web site posting for privacy and security. A list with full names will be provided in print when we are able to return to normal worship and activities.