“Follow” – as you are.

In yesterday’ gospel story, we heard Jesus calling ordinary fishermen to follow him and become “fishers of people”.

In times of vocational transition, people may experience a lot of waiting, feelings of anxiety, and doubts about meeting a different set of standards and expectations.  For those who are wondering if they are good enough or have what it takes to follow a certain employer, school, or program, this gospel story might be an important reminder that Jesus doesn’t wait for people to apply to him. Jesus calls followers and then uses what they already know. We need not worry if our resumes or letters of recommendation will be good enough.  Jesus knows they are.

VBS Planning Meeting

Interested in being a part of one of our most exiting education ministries? Join us for a Vacation Bible School planning meeting on Saturday, January 21st at 9:30am. Our theme this year will be God’s Promise based on Noah’s Ark. Volunteers are needed for:

  • Scenery preparation
  • Preparing craft kits
  • Actors
  • Music, snack, and game leaders
  • Crew leaders

Bring the talents God has blessed you with to be a part of this awesome ministry.

Christmas Season Worship Schedule

Christmas Eve

3:00 pm – Candlelight worship service with Holy Communion                       7:30 pm – Candlelight worship service with Holy Communion                       10:30 pm – Candlelight worship service with Holy Communion

Christmas Day

10:00 am (one service) Worship service with Holy Communion

January 1

10:00 am (one service) Worship service with Holy Communion

(Family Faith Journey, our Sunday School program, and our Confirmation Instruction will be on recess until Sunday , January 8th.)

Longing for …….

The presidential election in our country brought out a deep longing for a sense of greatness in our nation’s past.

Longing is an underlying theme throughout the church season of Advent.    Advent is the time of waiting, expectation and hope.

The faithful longs not to recapture human accomplishments of the past, but rather we long for and hope in the fulfillment of God’s promises in the future.  For God promises to make all things new.

Reformation Sunday

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Wilkes-Barre will celebrate the 499th Anniversary of the Reformation on Sunday, October 30th, with two services of worship including Holy Communion at 8:30 & 11:00 am. During the 11:00 worship service several youth will receive their First Communion. Afterwards a reception will be held for fellowship. Come and wear red, as we acknowledge the Holy Spirit that continues to make all things new.

Congregational Meeting

Our semi-annual congregational meeting will be held Sunday, November 6, 2016 following the 11:00am worship service. The meeting will take place in the church sanctuary.

The agenda for the November meeting will be as follows:


Listed below are ministry ideas that are looking for interested persons to develop them into an active program here at Good Shepherd Church. Contact FAITH ADS through the church office, churchoffice@goodshepherdwb.org , or 570-824-2991, to express your interest.

Food Re-distribution – Are you upset knowing how much food is wasted at grocery stores and restaurants in our area? Are you concerned that there are many families in our community that do not have enough food to feed their household? Would you like to help develop a program that puts unused food on needy family’s tables? If so, contact FAITH ADS.

Knitting Group – Do you like to knit? Would you like to learn how to knit? Are you looking for a knit related service project? Would you like to participate in a time of fun and fellowship while knitting? If so, contact FAITH ADS.

English Language Learner Classes – Have you noticed Wilkes-Barre is changing and more English Language Learners are moving into our community? Are you interested in assisting our new neighbors in learning English? If so, contact FAITH ADS.

Evening Women’s Group – Are you a woman whose life is busy during the day? Would you like to meet other women in the evening for fellowship, support, and faith – building? If so, contact FAITH ADS.

Wanted: Ministry Ideas

We are a congregation in downtown Wilkes-Barre that “engages in a vigorous ministry to its members and to all people”.  We are constantly looking for new ideas for ministry that helps put our faith into action and serves our community. If you have an idea for  ministry contact our church office, churchoffice@goodshepherdwb.org , or 570-824-2991. We will post those ideas to see if there are interested people to help develop that idea into an active program through our congregation.