Question for Fifth Week of Easter

(We read in the Book of the Acts of the Apostles, that Stephen was one of the seven men chosen by the apostles to serve tables so that the apostles could be free to serve the word. Stephen does more than distribute food, however. For his preaching of God’s word, he becomes the first martyr of the faith.)

Read Acts 7: 55  – 60,

When have you forgiven someone whom others would have wished harm or vengeance?

Question for Fourth Week of Easter

(Doing the right things does not guarantee that one will not experience difficulties, hardships, rejection, or even suffering.  In the following reading Christ is presented as the model for our path of endurance and loyalty to God, particularly in the midst of adversity.)

Read 1 Peter 2 : 19 – 25,

What injustice stirs you so much that you would sacrifice just about anything to create change?