Engaging Scripture for Today

Jesus disciples got into a boat, and while traveling across the Sea of Galilee a storm arose, and the disciples became afraid. They saw Jesus waking towards them on the water and he calls to them to “come”. Peter gets out of the boat and sinks, but Jesus grabs ahold of him and saves him.

Read Matthew 14: 22-33,

What faith did it take for Peter to step out of the boat? Why does he then begin to doubt?

Engaging Scripture Today

Throughout the gospel stories, both Jesus and his disciples “sow the seed” of God’s word by proclaiming the good news that “the kingdom of heaven is near.”  In this parable, Jesus explains why this good news produces results in those who hear.

Read Matthew 13:1-9,18-23,

This parable paints a picture of our responses to God. In what way does it depict God?

Engaging Scripture for Today

As imperfect, sinful people we often live a catch-22 existence. We know good but do not do it and do things we know to be bad. The Apostle Paul writes that it is through Jesus Christ that God has set us free from such a futile existence.

Read Romans 7:15-25,

When you find yourself unable to do the things you know are good, how do you return to God?