50th Anniversary Celebration

After the Agnes Flood devastated the Wyoming Valley in 1972, two Lutheran congregations decided to consolidate and form a new Lutheran presence in downtown Wilkes-Barre. Thanks to faith, hard work, and dedication to our mission and our people, Good Shepherd is now observing our 50th anniversary. Five decades after our founding, we continue to face challenges, but we look forward to writing new chapters in our history. We have held a few events to kick off our anniversary celebration, and we have a number of others coming up in the next few months. We hope that you will make the time to join us in as many of these as possible and help us honor the history and people of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.

50th Anniversary Dinner

October 27th – 6:30pm
Wyoming Hose Co. #2, Wyoming PA

In addition to dinner, we will have some special activities and entertainment to mark our anniversary, including opportunities to honor our history and past members. We will also be inviting our guest pastors to attend. We invite you bring any memorabilia from your personal or family church history (photos, crafts, publications, etc.) to display at the dinner. Cost is $20 per adult And youth 13 years and over, $10 per child 3-12 years. Children 2 and under are free.

Guest Pastor

Two “children of Good Shepherd” – Pastor Wayne Lupole and Pastor Peggy Sue Pfeffer – have already been guest preachers. We have also invited former pastors to guest preach on the following Sundays:

• September 10 – Pastor Peter Kuritz

• October 1 – Pastor Janell Wigen

• October 15 – Pastor George Zacharda

• November 12 – Pastor C. Frank Terhune

Services begin at 9 a.m., and a reception will be held after each service.

50th Anniversary Banner

The Good Shepherd family created banners when it was formed in 1973 and again in 1998 when we turned 25. Each banner includes individual crosses made by members that represent that person’s unique life. We are again offering members the opportunity to create a cross for inclusion on a banner that will symbolize our 50th year.

Anniversary Worship Service

November 5, 2023 – 9:00am

A special 50th anniversary worship service will be held on All Saints Sunday. While we are still planning service details, we anticipate having special music and additions to our liturgy to commemorate our anniversary and the people of Good Shepherd, both past and present. 

Please plan to join us for a reception following the service.