Worship Theme for Sunday, October 1

Lightning Bolt Sunday

500 years ago, when Martin Luther – our church’s namesake – was studying to be a lawyer, he had a near death experience when a lightning bolt struck nearby. This event changed his vocational direction.  Instead of studying law, Luther entered a monastery to become a Priest.

Our faith can be like a lightning bolt that jolts us with the love of God in such a powerful way that we too are propelled to live our lives not for our self, but for God.

Faith testimonials will be shared.  Special music will be provided by Making a Difference Ministry. Worship times are 8:30 am, 9:45 am (kid’s friendly worship), and 11:00 am. After the 11:00 am worship service persons will have an opportunity to “cool down” by making ice cream sundaes in our Fellowship Hall.

Whether God’s love hits you like a lightning bolt, as it did Martin Luther, or comes to you through quiet prayer and reflection, come join us as we celebrate how the power of God’s love changes our lives.

2 thoughts on “Worship Theme for Sunday, October 1

  1. Let’s rock God’s House as often possible like today,lightning bolt Sunday Finally felt moved today at church Thank You Mr. Perillo your ministry made a difference for us .please come back soon looking forward to it . Witnessing the youth. Choir today was special made me feel alive !

  2. Let’s rock God’s house again thank you mr. Perillo you made a difference with your ministry today at church a lightning bolt Sunday thank you come back again as soon as you can you could tell the children loved it and we adults needed to witness it making me feel alive hearing the Children’s Choir was definitely special I look forward to you directing the Children’s Choir again

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