Worship Theme for Sunday, September 24

Discomfort: Sign of Grace?

Our discomfort with God’s grace reveals itself in all sorts of ways. It can be discomforting for us to engage the poor and the outcast of our society. It can be discomforting for us to welcome immigrants into our communities. It can be discomforting to address the pervasive racism that still surrounds us. It can be discomforting when our sense of privilege in our society by being “male”, or “white” is questioned. And it can be very discomforting for us to open our lives to the transforming power of the cross of Christ, whereby “the last will be first, and first will be last”.

Could it be that the more uncomfortable we become with the reckless love of God, the closer we are to understanding the meaning of grace?

Sunday’s scripture lessons: Jonah 3:10 – 4:11, Psalm 145:1 – 8, Philippians 1: 21 – 30, Mathew 20: 1-16.

“Almighty and eternal God, you show perpetual lovingkindness to us your servants. Because we cannot rely on our own abilities, grant us your merciful judgment, and train us to embody the generosity of your Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen”