“What are you seeking?”

These are the first words of Jesus recorded in the Gospel According to St. John. They are a response to a crowd of people looking for him.

It is also a good question for us to be asking today.

When we gather in church on Sunday morning, what are we seeking?

I believe we have an insight into what our community is seeking when they write their prayer request on our chalkboard sign on Main St.

When the requests of the past year have been compiled the following concerns are most frequently listed: family, love, friends, peace, and hope. 

For us in the church, how can our congregation best meet these requests? Of course, we can’t do everything. But as we live forward into this new year, we can do a great service to our community if we continue to develop ministries that address the needs of our neighbors.

Jesus doesn’t offer an answer to the crowd’s response, but instead he issues an invitation…… “Come and see”.