Listed below are ministry ideas that are looking for interested persons to develop them into an active program here at Good Shepherd Church. Contact FAITH ADS through the church office, , or 570-824-2991, to express your interest.

Food Re-distribution – Are you upset knowing how much food is wasted at grocery stores and restaurants in our area? Are you concerned that there are many families in our community that do not have enough food to feed their household? Would you like to help develop a program that puts unused food on needy family’s tables? If so, contact FAITH ADS.

Knitting Group – Do you like to knit? Would you like to learn how to knit? Are you looking for a knit related service project? Would you like to participate in a time of fun and fellowship while knitting? If so, contact FAITH ADS.

English Language Learner Classes – Have you noticed Wilkes-Barre is changing and more English Language Learners are moving into our community? Are you interested in assisting our new neighbors in learning English? If so, contact FAITH ADS.

Evening Women’s Group – Are you a woman whose life is busy during the day? Would you like to meet other women in the evening for fellowship, support, and faith – building? If so, contact FAITH ADS.

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  1. I will help with food distribution and would also be interested in evening woman’s bible study.

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