What Does the Holy Spirit Look Like?

The Holy Spirit is the third part of the Trinity, God’s name. Jesus first gives the early disciples the Holy Spirit prior to his ascension to heaven. Jesus commands his followers to baptize the nations with water and God’s Word. In baptism we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. So what does the Holy Spirit look like?

Early in the gospels we read the Holy Spirit described as a freely blowing breeze. Elsewhere it is tongues of flame. It’s not until the later chapters of the Gospel of John, that Jesus talks more about the Holy Spirit.

First, the Holy Spirit looks like an Advocate – – the one who stand up for you when you need it; the one who speaks on your behalf; the one who lends you a helping hand, takes your side, and won’t leave you while you’re down.

Second, the Holy Spirit looks like Jesus. The Spirit is “another advocate” because Jesus is the first. The Spirit will abide with us just as Jesus the Word made flesh has abided with us. The Spirit is sent in Jesus’ name and reminds us of what he taught. In a very real way, the Spirit helps us feel Jesus presence and helps to keep his promise that he will not abandon us and will come to us.

The Holy Spirit is an advocate that looks a whole lot like Jesus. This means that we’ve actually seen the Spirit lots of times. Anytime, in fact, someone stands up for another….Anytime someone acts like Jesus…Anytime someone bears the love of Christ to another…we’ve seen the Holy Spirit.

What does the Holy Spirit look like?……..The Holy Spirit at one time or another has probably looked a lot like you, even a lot like me, and definitely a lot like each and all of us when we do these things.

May we continue to be witnesses of the Holy Spirit to one another for the sake of our neighbors, for the sake of the world.

………..From Pastor Peter Kuritz